The cake that tackled

Let me start by saying I am not perfect. I make mistakes and I still go through a lot of lessons or things I shouldn’t have done because I knew better. But of course in life and business we take a chance. I mean do you go to the casino and just sit around? NO! You take a gamble of a 50/50 chance of losing your money or winning thousands. Truth be told, I mess up more than people know. To the naked eye it looks like perfection.

when there is imbalance, the universe has a funny way of balancing things back out.

Universe- “Da’Livya, now you know damn well you don’t need to do that”

Me- “Flash forward moment 🥴” BAM 💥!!!!!!

Me- (present moment) I‘ve got this!

Universe- “I’ve already given you two warnings”

Me- 🤷🏾‍♀️💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Lets look at that week in a glance:

Grand opening week, trolly night Friday, 3 weddings and two bdays Saturday. All I’m going to say is I was searching HIGH AND LOW for Sunday morning.

Again I will state that I am HUMAN. Again I repeat, I AM HUMAN! But delivering these wedding cakes, I didn’t have much time to stay between each delivery for a setup. Out of the 7 years I’ve been doing this I’ve never had this happen to me and to make matters worse, it was one of my fellow bake sisters wedding cake but the cake fell! I mean basically tackled my wedding cake. HEAD FIRST! I was literally almost to my first destination and it was like my life flashed before my eyes. I’ve never had a panic attack, anxiety attack, and a stroke all at once before and I don't wish to have another. The feeling you have about something you’re so passionate about. The feeling is so similar to the end of life, like I literally felt like I was the wicked witch of the west and I just melted or a house basically fell on top of me. But with so little time, I had to call, cry, communicate and get the moving because just like bills, time wasn‘t standing still for me. Not even when I tried to beg time to just sit still for about 45 mins so I could gain my bearings.

I made four phone calls. Two to the most important people. One call was to the coordinator and the second one to the cake designer whom I was doing the favor for. If I’ve ever felt incompetent, THIS WAS THE DAY. I had a super bad feeling and the universe tried to warn me but my hard headed but didn’t listen. With the time allowed, I delivered the first two cakes, zoomed as fast as lightening to Sam's to get some icing begging for someone to use their card like someone in true need with tears in my eyes and then back to the shop. Shame and puffiness on my face I had to put on my big girl undies and get that cake done as fast as I could and back to the other side of town before or as close to the time of the reception as I possibly could. Needless to say that after all of that, the cake didn’t look like it had a rough time once I was done with it. 😊💪🏾💥

There was a great lesson I learned this entire week.

1. There is no preparation for mishaps (ish happens). It’s how we overcome the obstacles that builds us stronger.

2. Can’t help someone else without making sure ourselves are straight first.



Lets just say I was glad to leave work! I couldn’t get out the door fast enough. I wanted a day do over so bad but unfortunately for us tiny humans, life doesn’t work like that. AGAIN, I AM HUMAN! So if you judge me, then you better be supernatural, or some sort of perfect mythical creature! 🙄😊

signed A humanly competent business owner 😊

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