My Story

I'll try to keep is short and sweet.


Hey everyone, My name is Da'Livya Gordon from that good ole Memphis, TN. I was born January 16, 1990 in Clarksdale, MS. I was raised in Memphis all of my life. If you ask me now, "why baking", my answer would be, I never imagined this life for myself. A single mother and a full time entrepreneur, this is definitely NOT what I had planned for my life as I was growing up. We all start with dreams as little kids and somehow along the way, those dreams slowly change. If you ask my mom today if I ever cooked or baked growing up, she would say, "the girl wouldn't boil a pot of water", HAHA! She was right. I found something that I'm good at and I stuck with it. The more successful I became, the more passionate I became. Baking is now one of my top strengths. I take my time to create what not only tastes good, but somehow makes you feel good as well. There's nothing better than something so sweet and small, fulfilling an entire day. My goal is to create a brand and a legacy for my family. This brand will not only provide sweets but the encouragement to all bakers and entrepreneurs who are afraid to take that risk. My story is still going. You will be able to know more about my story in my first book that will be released soon. Follow our social media and join our mailing list for all updates. Thank you so much for visiting our site. We hope to see you soon.

About Dee'Lightful Bliss Bakery

Dee'Lightful Bliss Bakery was born from a love for baking, the desire to create treats that not only look good but taste good too. The owner, Da'Livya Gordon, launched the business in 2012 and have been servicing the Memphis area ever since.

From humble beginnings with only chocolate covered strawberries, to an eclectic menu with homemade cheesecakes, cookies, custom cakes and to be able to serve in our very own commercial kitchen has been apart of this big dream, and still is.

All of our sweet love is homemade and we are especially proud to have the opportunity to provide such a great service in the Berclair area of Memphis, TN.

We'd love to meet you! So be sure to stop by and experience our unique and tasty goodies. Of course you can always connect with us on facebook or via our Contact Us page.

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Southland Mall 2017

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Main Street 2019

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Introducing our new ice cream brand....

Sloppy Sprinkles by Mariah Janelle is our NEWEST brand that specializes in sweet homemade delicious ice creams. From creative flavors to our common flavors, this isn't your typical ice cream brand. The owner, Mariah Thomas is an eight year old 3rd grader, who's huge personality is surely setting her up for success. Most of her flavors are created right from her little brain. Her brand is filled with laughter, fun, sloppy sprinkles and crazy delicious Ice Cream. It doesn't just stop at ice cream, she also offers sorbet and cookies. Be sure to stop in and grab yourself a refreshing rich scoop of ice cream. Located in Dee'Lightful Bliss Bakery.

Princess Sloppy Sprinkles